Windy Hill School

Project: Windy Hill School at

Colby Sawyer College

Location: New London, New Hampshire

Architect: Banwell Architects

Completion Date: Spring, 2010


Windy Hill School is a new two level day care/pre-school facility located on the Colby Sawyer College campus. The project design consisted of approximately 10,000 sq/ft of floor area with some large open spaces which presented unusual challenges for transferring lateral forces to the lateral load resisting system. Lateral loads on the building structure are resisted by a combination of wood shear walls and a two story steel moment frame. The structure is primarily wood framed, using wood I-joists for floor framing and prefabricated wood trusses for the roof framing. The new facility will bring the day care and pre-school under one roof and will feature, among other things, built-in kitchens, computer areas, seminar rooms and two technology-enabled “smart” classrooms for child development classes. Design and construction phase services were provided on this project.