Tirey & Associates, P.C.

Consulting Structural Engineers

Project: St. Johnsbury Community Center Building Evaluation

Location: St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Completion Date: November, 2008


The old Armory Building in St. Johnsbury, VT was transferred to Town ownership and became the principle home of the St. Johnsbury Recreation Depeartment. The indoor gym was well suited to a variety of indoor sports throughout the year. Some office space on the lower level beneath the gym area provided space for other programs that benefited the community.


The framing for the building is comprised of wood floor framing, exterior brick masonry bearing walls, and primary steel arched trusses for the gym which support secondary wood rafter framing. It was discovered during investigative field work, that the building had virtually no insulation in the roofs, thereby limiting the amount of snow accumulatation through heat loss and rapid melting of snow on the roof.


An evaluation of the building was performed to determine its condition, deficiencies and needs for repairs and upgrades. Structurally, the evaluation services included field measurement of existing floor and roof framing sizes, spacings and spans in order to determine the load capacity of the various elements of the building. Existing capacities were calculated and compared to current code requirements to determine if load deficiencies existed or not.


The structural load capacity analyses showed that portions of the structure were suitable for intended uses while other portions required structural reinforcing in order to bring them up to current code requirements, particularly the roofs. The exterior masonry walls of the building were found to be in good condition overall, with only a few minor areas requiring repairs.