Roofing And Snow Loads.

Roofing and Snow Loads

Are you having some problems with your roof?

Are you uncertain how much snow it can safely hold?

Are you uncertain what the appropriate roof or snow load should be?

Are you considering changing the insulation value in your roof system?

Are you thinking of adding some equipment on the roof?

What should you do if your roof does not have sufficient snow load capacity?


We can help you with these questions and more, in regards to the roof of your building. We have evaluated many building roofs and assisted the owners in developing strategies for the most appropriate re-roofing materials, addressing insulation values, deficient roof capacities and designing snow load monitoring systems.

Jeff Tirey, P.E. was the practicing engineer that led Structural Engineers of New Hampshire’s ( snow load project, performing case studies to establish ground snow loads throughout the entire State of New Hampshire to be used for design. This project, conducted in partnership with the US Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, has become the de facto standard in NH since the building code does not provide this information for most of the State. The publication, “Ground Snow Loads for New Hampshire” with ground snow loads listed by town and city, is available free through SENH’s website: Ground Snow Loads for New Hampshire.