Tirey & Associates, P.C.

Consulting Structural Engineers

New Design

From concept to construction, we develop the appropriate structural system, design the structure, prepare drawings and specifications, review shop drawings and inspect the construction as it progresses. We work with the standard materials of construction including wood, concrete, masonry, aluminum and steel. We also evaluate and use new materials and methods of construction when appropriate and we are confident that they will perform for their intended use. As we design our projects, we are constantly “value engineering”. We design with ease of construction in the forefront of our approach. We recognize that details make or break a project, so place great importance on making sure the details of the structure and project are reasonable, easily constructed and economic. We maintain sensitivity to aesthetic issues of a project, working closely with our architectural clients to achieve their goals for the project. We value our relationship with the contractor on a given project, since we rely on them to turn our design into the safe structure that we intended.