Montshire Museum of Science

Project: Montshire Museum of Science

Outdoor Science Park

Location: Norwich, Vermont

Architect: Lynn Wolff and Associates

Completion Date: Summer, 2002


The Outdoor Science Park at The Montshire Museum of Science greatly enhances the fun, science based exhibits at this children’s museum. The largest component of this project is a series of water based features including an undulating water channel (the “rill”) with various hydraulic features terminating at an eyelevel waterfall. In addition, a granite cascade features large granite boulders and various water stream paths, with a termination point of a small pool where adjustable water bells and other fun features provide experimentation and learning opportunities. This entire collection of water features forms a continuous closed loop of water flow, including a small below ground reservoir tank and a filtration system at the high point of the water flow. The rill necessitated the development of a non-traditional method to convey dimensional requirements for this cast-in-place concrete structure. A series of other individual interactive exhibits completes the outdoor park, providing terrific educational opportunities for people of all ages.