Cornerstone Housing

Project: Cornerstone Housing
Location: Berlin, New Hampshire
Architect: Lavallee Brensinger, PA
Completion Date: 2007

The Cornerstone Housing project presented a most unusual design condition that required accommodation- a river flowing beneath a portion of the building. The foundations for the structure required channeling the river through a corner of the building while preventing water infiltration into the subgrade and hydraulic erosion of the new concrete foundations. After repairing some badly eroded adjoining building foundations, new foundations were pinned to and constructed on sound ledge, with waterstopping and gabions installed to prevent foundation erosion. Following the installation of a new steel framed floor system over the river, the balance of the wood and steel framed building structure proceeded smoothly. The building is three stories tall, uses wood shear walls for lateral load resistance, and has subsidized elderly housing on the upper two floors and commercial space on the ground floor. Design and construction phase services were provided on this project.